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Online Advertising & PPC

This Section is designed to make the learner an expert in Online Advertising & PPC. You will learn all about Online Advertising & PPC, its fundamentals, different types of Online Advertising & more. You will learn how to use Pay Per Click & Google Adwords, Display Network & Remarketing, Content & Video Marketing, Mobile Advertising – Web & Apps and all about Pay Per Click Advertising, targeting users based on their Location, Interests and other factors.

Pay Per Click & Google Ads

Learn all about paid advertising, advertising on search engines, running ad campaigns & more. Learn how to use Google Adwords to run various ad campaigns, different ad formats, analytics, keyword planner, retargeting & much more.

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Display Network & Remarketing

Learn about Google Display Network, which tells about all the different places you can put ads on & Remarketing, an effective marketing technique used to convert people that are already searching for you product, but have not taken any action yet.

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Content, Video & Ecommerce Marketing

Learn all about Content Marketing including topics like Different types of Content Marketing, Keyword Research, Optimizing Content for Search Engines & more. Learn in depth about Video Marketing and how Videos gives edge in Marketing.

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Mobile & Apps Advertisements

Learn about different types of Mobile advertisements, Different Mobile Ad formats, how to advertise on mobile browsers and apps. Learn how to use remarketing techniques on mobile, and some mobile-specific targeting and marketing strategies.

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