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Lead Generation & Conversion

Learn about the fundamentals of Lead Generation & Conversion in this 4 Module. Our content covers all the basics of Lead Generation & Conversion, while also covering topics like Growth Hacking Fundamentals, Email Design & Marketing, Engagement and Conversion Strategy. This Section is designed to ensure that you are well-versed in the fundamentals of Lead Generation & Conversion the various skills that are required by different organizations today, and to give you a competitive edge in the Digital Marketing world.

Lead Generation & Growth Hacking

Learn about different Growth Hacking techniques, which will help you to fasttrack your digital marketing plan. Growth Hacking will give you impressive results in very less time. Learn growth hacking strategies & promote your business now.

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Email Design
& Marketing

Learn about Email Design & Marketing, how to create strategic approach for email marketing, Different types of email marketing, How to improve ROI using Email marketing, Setting up your email marketing account, Opt in & Bulk emailing, Autoresponders & more.

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SMS & Messenger Marketing

Our Module is designed to make the learner understand the importance of Instant Messengers, different types of Instant Messengers like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hike , SMS Marketing, Whatsapp Business, WeChat, Viber, Skype and much more.

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Engagement & Conversion Strategy

Learn about various Engagement strategies, how to keep a user engaged, how to bring targeted traffic to your website, and how to ultimately convert this traffic into leads. This Module will go in-depth about  different retention techniques & more.

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