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Engagement & Conversion Strategy

Learn about various Engagement strategies, how to keep a user engaged, how to bring targeted traffic to your website, and how to ultimately convert this traffic into leads. This Module will go in-depth about  different retention techniques & more

What is it?

Engagement means to interact with your audience and customers. It is about creating a pleasant experience for them and responding to their queries.

Conversion is converting this audience into sales.

Why is customer engagement important?

  • It is important to keep customer engagement a high priority as it boosts customer retention.
  • It increases awareness about your business and products.
  • Engaging in conversations with your audience builds trust and credibility.
  • It gives you valuable insight into what your customers are saying about your products.
  • You can get suggestions from your customers and improve your products or services.

What you will learn at Avyud –

  • Visitors Engagement.
    • What is engagement?
    • Why it is important?
    • Examples of engagement.
  • Bringing Targeted Traffic.
    • Inbound.
    • Outbound.
  • Converting Traffic into Leads.
    • Types of Conversion.
    • Understanding Conversion Process.
  • Retention.
    • Why it is Important?
    • Types of Retention.
  • Performance Evaluation
    • Why it is Important?
    • Tools Needed.