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Search Engine Optimization

This Section is designed to make the learner an expert in Search Engine Optimization. You will learn all about SEO, its fundamentals, different types of SEO & more. You will learn how to use Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, link building techniques, directory submission and all about Local Search Engines & Geo-Targeting.

Search Engine Fundamentals

Learn the Fundamentals of Search Engines and build a strong foundation in Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing. Learn all about the different techniques used in SEO for On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.

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Web Analytics & Webmasters

Learn Web Analytics, Get in-depth knowledge about Webmasters, Google Search Console, learn how to optimize visibility of site for different search engines. Learn how to analyze web traffic, & optimize campaigns to get maximum ROI.

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Link Building
& Submission

Learn how to give a boost to site’s visibility by building strong links, getting back-links to site, and various link-building techniques which works as a strategy to improve site’s SEO. learn about Link Submission, yellow pages sites & much more.

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Local Search & Geo Targeting

Learn about optimizing site for Local Search Engines & Geo Targeting. Learn what are the various techniques use to improve visibility on the Local Search Engines, as it is really beneficial for small businesses & for those who provide services locally.

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