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E- Commerce & Marketplace Selling

This Module will enable you to learn and understand all the aspects of E-commerce & Marketplace Selling. Learn in detail about Marketplace Selling, Top Selling Platforms,E-commerce Marketing, Seller Panel Management & more.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce or electronic commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds over the internet. There are several types of electronic commerce. The most common is business to consumer type in which a business sells products or services directly to consumers over the Internet. For example, buying a pair of jeans online through a merchant’s website, is e-commerce.

An online marketplace is a type of e-commerce site where single or multiple third parties can provide their products and services, whereas the transactions maybe managed by the marketplace owner/operator.

Why should you have an online marketplace?

  • Online marketplaces are convenient for both the buyers and sellers.
  • It is a great platform to gain new customers.
  • It a cost-effective.
  • It can work as an extension to your offline business.
  • Online marketplaces can help you to compare different products on a single platform.
  • You can take your business to the international level, without making any large investments.
  • You can easily automate the business process – which includes buying-selling, payment, inventory management etc.

What you will learn at Avyud –

  • What is ecommerce?
  • Top ecommerce websites around the world & it’s scenario in India
  • Difference between E-Commerce software and Shopping Cart software
  • E-commerce service providers
  • Payment Gateways, Merchant Accounts & Logistics for physical goods.
  • Integrating Woocommerce and setting up an ecommerce store on WordPress.
  • Affiliate Marketing by promoting products which looks like an ecommerce store.
  • Case studies on ecommerce websites.
  • Marketplace Setup, Maintenance, Product and Inventory Management
  • How to do Google Product Listing Ads (PLA) for ecommerce websites.
  • How to do SEO for an ecommerce website/marketplace