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CMS & WordPress

Learn how to upload, manage & edit your content online with our Content Management Systems Module. Choose from a variety of courses like Search Engine Optimization, Website Planning, PPC & more.

What are Content Management Systems?

A content management system or CMS is a software that helps you to create, edit, organize, and publish content. CMS helps in the creation and modification of digital content. It typically supports multiple users in a collaborative environment. WordPress, Joomla! And Magento are a few examples of Content Management Systems.

Importance of Content Management Systems

  • These systems make web design and content publishing streamlined.
  • They save a lot of time.
  • Help in efficient and streamlined workflow.
  • They help in creating standardized and uniform pages across the website.
  • These systems optimize your web pages to get a better ranking in the search results.

What you will learn at Avyud –

  • What are Content Management Systems (CMS) – Basics of CMS.
  • Understanding the difference between a CMS website, a static website and websites made using other server side technologies.
  • Different types of CMS, How to choose the right CMS for you including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.
  • Installing and setup your CMS. (WordPress)
  • Building a blog, creating and organization of posts.
  • Creating pictures and media galleries.
  • File Management using CMS.
  • Modules, Plugins, Extensions, Widgets etc.
  • Using and editing themes to make unique creations.
  • Create and deploy websites using CMS, including creating and editing content, adding functionality, and creating custom templates and themes.