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Social Media Management

Learn about SMM, using various tools, softwares and strategies which is used  to manage, strategize and monitor the social media activities and interactions. Learn social media management, strategies, best practices in SMM and much more.

What is Social Media Management (SMM)?

Social Media Management (SMM) refers to the collection of different tools, softwares and strategies that are used to manage, strategize and monitor our social media activities and interactions.

A social media manager is the one who is responsible for the monitoring, filtering, measuring and guiding the social media presence of a business or a product.

Why is Social Media Management important?

  • Social media can be used to drive targeted traffic to your website. It is important to have well-placed social media posts in order to do that which can be done with SMM.
  • Better social media management can lead to a better SEO of our site. The search engine crawlers know which pages are earning traffic consistently, so driving the traffic to our site from social media can be of a huge advantage.
  • Social Media Management helps us to understand the nature of social media sites, which helps us to better understand how our audience is responding to our content.
  • Social Media Management Tools (SMMT) help in scheduling our posts in advance.
  • Multiple social media accounts can be managed using a single platform.
  • Social media management tools can be used to make social editorial calendars.
  • They give us the ability to think through our social media strategies and schedule content accordingly.

What you will learn at Avyud –

  • Introduction to Social Media Management, an overview of SMM and the skills and role of a social media manager
  • Steps to building an effective social media plan
  • Auditing the social media channels, how to conduct a competitive analysis, how to properly analyze your target audience
  • Components of a social media strategy, goals, objectives and selecting social media channels. How to increase engagement and followers on social media, How to create a budget
  • Different social media management and organization tools
  • Content Management and creation
  • Social media lead generation and conversion
  • Maximizing our visibility using social media and SMO
  • Social media crisis management