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Social Media Fundamentals

Learn how to use Social Media as a catalyst to boost your Social Media presence. This SMO Fundamentals Module will teach you all about keyword research, profile optimization, posting schedule & more.

What is SMO?

Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of various online channels to increase the awareness of your products or services. The different types of channels include RSS feeds, social news and social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, video sharing websites and blogging sites.

Importance of SMO

Social Media websites have now become a part of our daily lives. They have gained immense popularity in today’s scenario. Since everyone is using these websites, it important to optimize them in order to reach your target audience as well as customers. The various ways of optimizing the content of a website for social media are RSS feeds, polling tools, images, videos, etc. Apart from search engines, there are various services through which you can implement SMO. But in the end, it will always affect your search engine rankings. When a website is promoted using both social media and SEO techniques, it is guaranteed to get a better ranking in the search results.

How is SMO Beneficial for you?

  • Increase traffic – Apart from search engines, SMO is the top source of traffic.
  • Increase visibility –  Almost everyone is using social media these days, and SMO can help you reach them and promote your business.
  • Interaction –  You can share your content with your audience and get reviews, opinions and suggestions from them through social media.
  • Customer satisfaction –  Helps you increase customer satisfaction by responding to their queries immediately.
  • Quick updates/free advertisement –  You can quickly share the launch of any new product through social media and promote it endlessly.

What you will learn at Avyud –

  • Introduction to Social Media, different types of social media.
  • How is social media different from other forms of internet marketing.
  • Purpose of different social media websites & how to select the best social media for your business
  • Setting up a profile or page on different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.
  • Branding on social media.
  • Social media insights.
  • Blogging using social media.
  • Paid advertising.
  • Social Media Management Tools (SMMT).