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Social Media Analytics

Learn Social Media Analytics Module which is designed to teach you all about analyzing and processing different type of Social Media data, utilizing various tools on sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin etc.

What are Social Media Analytics?

Social Media Analytics is the process of extracting valuable and hidden information from large amounts of semi-structured and unstructured social media data to enable informed and insightful decision making.
Using tools like Google Analytics to measure, analyze and improve the performance of your online marketing campaigns

How are Social Media Analytics beneficial for you?

  • Analyze reach and results – You can see and analyze how many people are seeing and interacting with your posts and make changes in your campaigns accordingly
  • Analyze your followers – Social Media Analytics help you better understand your audience so that you can share your content accordingly.
  • Compare platforms –  You can identify which platforms are working for you and which ones are not, so that you can optimize them for better reach and growth.
  • Save time and energy – You can focus on the content that is doing better and exclude anything that is not, thus saving your time and energy.
  • Identify Influencers – You can identify who is influencing your content online. This may include people who are liking, sharing and commenting on your posts.

What you will learn at Avyud –

  • What are social media analytics?
  • Different ways of using social media analytics, making decisions after gathering data from your social media accounts and blogs
  • Post activity
  • Social Media Analytics Tools