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Digital Marketing & Promotion

At Avyud Academy we offer eight sections for Digital Marketing courses, explained in detail. Learn Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Websites Structure, SEO, SMO, Online Advertising, PPC, Lead Generation, Advanced Online Marketing and Online Earning Strategies.

Course Sections

Avyud Academy provides 8 Sections for Digital Marketing Training Programs. It covers all from basic level to advanced level. Our Sections are of the latest pattern.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Digital Marketing Fundamentals course is designed to give you an overview of Digital Marketing. Learn the basics of Digital Marketing, Video Editing, Web Development & Graphic Designing which will help you on your journey to becoming an expert.

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Websites CMS E-commerce

Learn all the aspects of E-commerce & Marketplace Selling. Learn in detail about Marketplace Selling, Top Selling Platforms, E-commerce Marketing, Content Management Systems like WordPress, as well as how to structure a website from scratch.

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Search Engine Optimization

Learn all about SEO, its fundamentals, different types of SEO & more. Learn how to use Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, link building techniques, directory submission and all about Local Search Engines & Geo Targeting.

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Social Media Optimization

Learn how to use Social Media as a catalyst to boost your Social Media presence. Our SMO Fundamentals course will teach you all about keyword research, posting schedule, and optimization of the social media strategy to connect with the audience.

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Online Advertising PPC

Our course is designed to make you an expert in Online Advertising & Pay Per Click. Learn everything about Google Adwords, Google Display Network & Remarketing, Content & Video Marketing & how to put Mobile Advertisements on Browsers & Apps.

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Lead Generation Conversion

Our course will make you learn everything about generating leads and ultimately converting them. Learn Fundamentals of Growth Hacking, Email Design & Marketing, SMS & Whatsapp/Messenger Marketing and Engagement and Conversion Strategy.

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Advanced Online Marketing

Our course is designed to make the learner an Online Marketing Expert. Learn about Online Reputation Management how to protect the content from online theft & hacking, deeper understanding of Structured Data, Schema Markup, Google Algorithm Updates & Penalty Recovery.

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Online Earning Strategies

Learn in depth about different Online Earning Strategies, use of Google Adsense, earning money through blog, putting ads on website, using Referral Systems & Affiliate Marketing Techniques. Learn how to grab freelancing projects online to earn an extra income.

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Don’t fall behind on your digital marketing skills. To keep up to date in Digital Marketing trends it is important to keep learning new skills. Get Certified in Google Adwords, Mobile Advertising, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint Certifications with the help of Avyud Academy

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