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Video Development Basics

Learn to create interesting and professional-looking videos when you take up Avyud’s Video Development for Beginners Course. Learn the art of Video Development using the latest tools & softwares.

Importance of Video Development

Videos are one of the most effective ways of communication. Studies have shown that users are more likely to share an online video than a piece of text. Another study has shown that a user is more likely to recall a video that they watched instead of reading the same article via text. So it is clear that videos play a crucial part when you are promoting your product.

How is it important for a business?

  • The use of eye catching visual media will help a buyer feel more confident in their purchase. This can bring about a feeling of trust in the websites products and purchases.
  • Videos have been proved to gather more attention than text or other media.
  • Engagement level is high.
  • Retention rates are high with videos – people are more likely to remember video content rather than text.
  • You can create a create a strong emotional connection with the audience through videos.

What you will learn at Avyud –

  • What are the basics of video?
  • Importance of videos in marketing.
  • Basics of using a mobile camera, types of camera shots, angles, framing heights.
  • What is a video sequence? How to incorporate close, tight or wide shots.
  • Writing a script for a video, basic story structure, and how to make a storyboard.
  • Difference between documentary, commercials and factual videos.
  • Basics of video and audio editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Titles, transitions, special effects, colour grading etc.
  • Different types of video formats and when to use them.