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Online Reputation Management

Learn about the importance of Online Reputation Management and how to create positive brand image online. Learn how to deal with spam and negative comments, how to deal with online criticism & more.

What is it?

A business reputation is arguably its most valuable asset. Marketing is all about building your brand. We invest so much in our brand, in order to make our business grow. Once that brand gets a bad reputation, everything about the business gets affected in a negative way.

So Online Reputation Management is important to keep a check on your online reputation and cleaning anything that is bringing your brand down.

How it Affects your business?

  • A good online reputation will make the consumers trust you. When they see positive reviews about your company, they are more likely to associate themselves with you.
  • Good reviews will give you a better ranking and rating on search engines.
  • A bad reputation will affect you business drastically as consumers won’t trust your brand.
  • Sometimes a bad reputation is hard to fix.
  • Websites or companies with a bad reputation are less likely to get a good ranking in search engine results.

What you will learn at Avyud –

  • What is online reputation management?
  • Why online reputation management is need of hour?
  • Understanding ORM scenario.
  • How to deal with criticism online.
  • How to create positive brand image online.
  • Understanding tools for monitoring online reputation.
  • Step by step guide to overcome negative online reputation.
  • Best examples of online reputation management.